How Our Design and Renovation Process Works

How Our Design and Renovation Process Works

As a design-build company, Wallace Custom Design & Renovation provides single-source responsibility from start to finish. We understand that it takes a careful blend of ideas, imagination, communication, and organization to make your home reflect you and your way of life. From design through drafting the scope of work, production schedule, and budget, and throughout the construction process, we’ll be by your side with our form-meets-function combination of imagination, productivity, advice, and assistance.


Step 1 — Phone Consultation

The design-build experience with Wallace Custom Design begins with the first phone call you receive from Jeff Wallace, the company’s President and Production Manager. He will listen to your preliminary ideas, share information with you about the company and its processes, and set up an appointment to meet you at your home.


Step 2 — On-Site Consultation

Next, Jeff Wallace will meet with you at your home or project site to discuss feasibility, design, and investment parameters. His first priority is to listen to your desires and to understand not only how you want your home to function, but also the look and feel you want to achieve. We create design solutions that are not only functional, but beautiful for years to come.

Step 3 — Investment Range

Once the requisite knowledge about you and your home is gathered, Jeff Wallace will create a spreadsheet detailing the investment range that reflects the anticipated cost of your project based on the information you have provided and that meets our building and finish standards. Jeff Wallace may also provide you with an estimated time of completion for your project. This information is subject to change at this point.

Step 4 — Design Engagement

Once you have approved the investment range, a Design Engagement Contract will be entered into. Preliminary plans and floor plans will be developed, and if necessary, Jeff Wallace will prepare the required historic permit request and represent you before the Historic Commission. The cost of the Design Engagement at this phase will be charged at the actual time and materials expended, and generally runs between $2,000 and $10,000, depending on the size and scope of your project.

Step 5 — Design and Selections

Jeff Wallace will introduce you to his interior design specialists and visit showrooms with you to refine your product selections and scope of work. He can also point you to the latest design trends featured on the Internet, and can special order products that you may find during your own research. During this phase, Jeff will advise you on the design selections within your investment range.

Step 6 — Final Documents

Once all revisions have been made to your design and Historic Approval (if necessary) has been granted, your construction drawings will be developed for permitting. At this time, a final Cost Breakdown, Construction Contract, Scope of Work, and Construction Schedule will be created. Your contract will be developed based on a cost-plus-fee arrangement. This ensures that you are afforded the utmost flexibility and are charged for only what you select.

Step 7 — Construction

Upon execution of the contract, all necessary permits will be secured to begin construction. Your project will be personally handled by Jeff Wallace and his able project managers, and he will never pass you along to anyone but himself. At all phases of production, Jeff is available by phone or email to discuss your project.

Step 8 — Project Management

Jeff Wallace and the lead carpenter assigned to your job are responsible for scheduling and ordering products along with quality assurance. Regular meetings will occur with Jeff Wallace to discuss progress, answer questions, and review last-minute design changes. Jeff also provides monthly cost updates and budget meetings so that you are apprised of the cost of your project.

Step 9 — Post-Construction

Wallace Custom Design provides a one-year warranty on all work performed. A punch list will be developed to ensure everything meets your expectations. Jeff Wallace personally stands behind the workmanship that goes into your home and will follow up should anything ever arise.